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In addition to our fine stationery line, we create gift products that are custom-made for your club. With our illustrations of your burgee or clubhouse, we produce desk calendars, notecards, bottle tags, prints, etc., and offer your members mementos of the place they treasure. We also create non-member-oriented gifts which can be purchased and taken away as a memory of a beautiful experience! Illustration fees are small (with minimum orders) and we look forward to discussing your vision. Below, please find our sell sheet which outlines our CLUB product offerings. Your personalized illustration(s) or ANY illustration from our site can be produced on most products.


We offer Bottle Tags, Gift Tags, Coasters, Flat Notecards, Fold Notecards, Place Cards, Flag Officer Seating Cards, Notepads, Desk Calendars, Tissue Lining, Prints, Framed Art, Burgee Cheese Boards and Flour Sack Tea Towels.



We illustrate and paint custom images which are unique to your beautiful club. There are small fees for the illustrations, which are usually covered in your minimum order fees. 

Larchmont Yacht Club

Riverside Yacht Club

Rocky Point Club

Westhampton Country Club

Wianno Club

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